Mike Andersen (DK) im Brauhof

Mike Andersen (DK) im Brauhof

Brauhof Freiberg

Einlass: 16:30 Uhr
VVK: im Taschenbuchladen Freiberg und in unserem Ticket-Shop

7th album from Mike Andersen features songs written in Nashville and a duet with Joss Stone.

Mike Andersen has already released six albums and one EP. On his previous albums, Mike both produced and wrote the material himself. On his new album “Devil Is Back”, Mike Andersen has loosened the grip on the process and has joined forces with other songwriters and producers who have become part of his musical universe. “Devil Is Back” is to date the best album from Mike Andersen – it is classic Mike Andersen while also showing his ability to constantly develop and experiment with his music and lyrics.

Some of the songs from the new album have been composed in Nashville, where Mike has worked together with a number of inter-nationally acclaimed songwriters. Together with Heather Bond, Mike has written the track “This Time” which has become a duet with the famous soul singer and Grammy award winner Joss Stone. According to Mike, Joss Stone brought new life to the soul genre which has otherwise often been perceived as an “old” genre:

“The first time I saw her perform on television, she was only 16 years old but and she blew me away. I’ve been following her ever since as a fan, so for her to be singing a duet with me on my new album is just a huge honor for me. Joss Stone’s debut album was pure soul, it came out when I was in my mid-twenties and was obsessed with soul and blues music. The fact that she became a world known soul artist at such a young age, kind of gave me a renewed belief in the genre and proved that soul music was not just an important remnant of the past but also an important part of the future.”

This is also the first time Mike Andersen has teamed up with a producer in the making of his album. Mads Michelsen – longtime drummer of the Danish band Gnags as well as studio musician on more than 2500 recordings – has worked together with Mike on making “Devil Is Back”. Mads Michelsen has been part of every step towards making the record – from the rehearsal space, to the song choices and studio recordings to finally mixing the album which contains 11 tracks. Presented as a fusion of hot soul, blues, funk, rock and pop together with raw and assertive vocals, the catchy melodies of Mike Andersen have earned him his very own spot in an otherwise traditional field. With his seventh album released, more than 1500 concerts, including 27 international festi-vals, it is time for Scandinavia to realize that the Aarhus resident has international superstar potential.